About - Clash of Clans Hack


Clash of Clans Hack is a project started by ChieF_maXwell, an avid COC gamer and a mad genius programmer
whose passion revolves on making game exploits. He conceptualized the tool late last year, and eventually
completed Clash-of-Clans-Troops.pngit early this year right after the latest update of the game. He made some
adjustments just to make sure that the cheats tool will stay concealed as much as possible safeguarding those
who are using it. Right after some tests, he then finalized it on iOS devices such as iphones and ipad. Shortly after
releasing it on iOS, he then worked in purporting it towards Android devices. It took him around 2 weeks to
successfully do so. It was then released for beta testing and the results came out positive. He then finalized it
and released it for public use. So far the outcome for both platforms of the hack tool have been really positive and
overwhelming. A lot of the happy users are spreading the news to their friends, and some are generous enough
to give credit to the developer by donating considerable amount of money. ChieF_maXwell promises to continue
developing his tool and share it to the public for free especially now that SuperCell is planning to patch some of
the weak spots of the game. For more information regarding the developer, please email him at info@joanherrera.cat